University of Patras - Computer Engineering and Informatics Department


Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Group


Some proposed journals are:

  • BioData Mining, BioMed Central.
  • Bioinformatics, Oxford Journals.
  • Biostatistics, Oxford Journals.
  • Biosystems, Elsevier.
  • BMC Bioinformatics, BioMed Central.
  • BMC Genomics, Biomed Central.
  • BMC Systems Biology, BioMed Central.
  • Briefings in Bioinformatics, Oxford Journals.
  • Current Bioinformatics, Bentham science.
  • Genome Biology, BioMed Central.
  • Journal of Computational Biology, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
  • Nucleic Acid Research, Oxford Journals.
  • PLoS Computational Biology, PLOS
  • Source Code for Biology and Medicine, BioMed Central.